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Lead Commerce is a powerful platform that offers a good amount of flexibility for features that are not available out of the box. They offer a flexible template system with the ability to selected custom templates for front-end customization. Additionally, the offer an extensive REST API for interfacing with store data along with webhooks and an App store. At Inkblot Digital, our expert knowledge of Lead Commerce, their tools, and advanced programming techniques allow us to develop unique, creative solutions to help your business get more out of your Lead Commerce store.

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Have unique product page experiences?

We can configure pages for you using either the deprecated (but still functioning) Blueprint template system or the new Stencil theme engine.

Push a free product into the cart if the order subtotal reaches a particular amount?

We can develop it with JavaScript programming that runs on top of your store.

Use a custom report?

We'll create it for you utilizing their powerful REST API.

Receive unique notifications that result from actions on your store?

We can set that up using webhooks.

Use an integrated interface or tool that can be used on multiple storefronts?

We can build a Lead Commerce app that can be installed into your dashboards.

Benefits of Custom Development

  • Upgrade Your Template: make your store template better with custom code
  • Add Functionality: add custom functionality not possible with Lead Commerce default settings
  • Improve User Experience: streamline communication, make customers happy, and increase conversions

Custom code we have written for Lead Commerce stores includes:

  • Slider - rotating banners
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Countdown Clock
  • Ecommerce product page customizations
  • Checkout enhancements
  • Data normalization (i.e., auto-formatting customer phone numbers)

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