WooCommerce Lead Commerce Connector

Sync Orders, Tracking & Inventory


Lead Commerce

Take Hold of Your WooCommerce Orders


Did you know you can pull your WooCommerce orders into Lead Commerce's Order & Inventory Management software to track and control inventory levels? Our WooCommerce Lead Commerce Connector simplifies the process, increases efficiency, and helps your business run smoothly.

Here's How It Works:

1. Retrieve WooCommerce Orders

  • A customer places an order on your WooCommerce store
  • The connector retrieves the order from WooCommerce, verifies the SKU mapping, and imports it to Lead Commerce
  • Lead Commerce receives the order where it is available for order management

2. Send Order Tracking

  • The order is shipped and tracking number entered in Lead Commerce
  • The connector retrieves the tracking number from Lead Commerce and updates the WooCommerce order
  • The WooCommerce order is marked as shipped and the customer is automatically notified

3. Sync Inventory

  • Inventory levels for a SKU are updated in Lead Commerce via orders, receiving a Purchase Order, or an inventory adjustment
  • The connector retrieves the updated inventory levels and send the current inventory to WooCommerce
  • The WooCommerce SKU is updated with the latest available inventory

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