Amazon Lead Commerce Connector

Sync Orders, Tracking & Inventory


Lead Commerce

Multi-Channel Amazon Order Management


Manage your Amazon Seller Central orders in Lead Commerce's Order & Inventory Management software to track and control inventory levels for all your multi-channel sales channels in one convenient, powerful location. Our Amazon Seller Central Lead Commerce Connector simplifies the process, increases efficiency, and helps your business run smoothly.

Here's How It Works:

1. Retrieve Amazon Orders

  • A customer places an order on your Amazon Seller Central sales channel
  • The connector retrieves the order from Amazon, verifies the ASIN mapping, and imports it to Lead Commerce
  • Lead Commerce receives the order where it is available for order management

2. Send Order Tracking

  • The order is shipped and tracking number entered in Lead Commerce
  • The connector retrieves the tracking number from Lead Commerce and updates the Amazon order
  • The Amazon order is marked as shipped and the customer is automatically notified


Use FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to fulfill your orders? No problem. The connector will automatically mark your orders as shipped in Lead Commerce, allowing you to track sales and sync inventory from this channel along with your other sales channels.

3. Sync Inventory

  • Inventory levels for a SKU are updated in Lead Commerce via orders, receiving a Purchase Order, or an inventory adjustment
  • The connector retrieves the updated inventory levels and send the current inventory to Amazon
  • The Amazon ASIN / SKU is updated with the latest available inventory

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