PartFinder: Targeted Product Search


Help customers find the right part -- fast!


Sometimes a standard search bar isn't enough. PartFinder features advanced search functions for parts that require precise matches to other products (like finding the right filter for a refrigerator), complementing your existing search. Its handy, customizable widget tool helps users find what they’re looking for via a series of choices, reducing frustration, increasing sales, and reducing product returns


  • Handles hundreds of thousands of records -- quickly
  • Includes easy design editor; no coding experience necessary
  • Predicts search criteria with autofill text feature
  • Includes mobile responsive design for great customer experience

Visit the PartFinder App website for full details, or click below to visit the BigCommerce App Marketplace for your 7-day free trial.

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Don't leave your customers in the dark. PartFinder boosts sales by helping them find exactly what they're looking for ... fast.

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