PartFinder: The Most Advanced Fitment Search App for BigCommerce

PartFinder: The Most Advanced Fitment Search App for BigCommerce

If you wanted even more functionality from our BigCommerce fitment match app, you got it! PartFinder not only helps your customers find the right product match via custom search filters (like Year/Make/Model, or YMM), it’s now a valuable marketing tool. PartFinder is the only fitment search app that uses search results from your store to generate real-time graphs and data. Create unique marketing opportunities based on actual customer behavior on your site — with no coding! It’s like getting three apps in one.

We’ve found more ways to harness the power of PartFinder into new utilities that make your customer’s search and marketing efforts better than ever. Plus, take your pick of three different service plans to suit your needs.


PartFinder’s New Marketing Tools

Fitment Capture (available on Premium plans)

PartFinder exclusive!  Fitment Capture enables you to reach out to customers with updates on products they’re interested in. Shoppers can submit name, email, and phone for follow up, and their fitment data is automatically captured. Contact and fitment data can then be dowloaded for use in marketing campaigns and follow-up emails.


MailChimp Integration (available on Premium plans)

Our new MailChimp integration allows you to connect to your MailChimp account to create drip campaigns and email marketing newsletters from customer data. Reaching out to customers in personalized ways can help drive sales.

PartFinder’s Other New Features

Bulk Export (available on ALL plans)

Want to save time when making mass product or mapping changes? Use your exported data file to make the desired changes and then use Bulk Import to update your store. Automated Part Mappings Backup is also now available on Pro and Premium plans.


Fitment Match (available on Pro and Premium plans)

Fitment Match confirms that the search criteria a customer has chosen is an exact match to the product they want. The year/make/model (or applicable search fields) is displayed on the top of the product page when the product is selected.


Fitment Compatibility Chart (available on Premium plans)

Would you like your customers to see other matches for their product search at a glance? PartFinder’s Fitment Compatibility Chart is an optional display, designed to show all product matches for a given search result. It appears on the location of your choosing on product pages.


Link to Variant IDs (available on Pro and Premium plans) 

Want to link to an exact SKU rather than a product, like an item sized small? Map to a very specific item via the Link to Variant ID feature.


New Plan Pricing

PartFinder is now available in three service packages to fit your usage needs: Standard, Pro, and Premium. Each level offers new and improved benefits to help you get the most from your online store.

PartFinder’s Standard plan continues to have all the functionality you’re used to, with the additional benefit of Part Mappings Export added in. Higher plans handle more mappings, products, fields, and searches.


PartFinder as You Want It

Whether your needs are basic, advanced, or somewhere in between, PartFinder makes your fitment match dreams come true. Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at

Already a PartFinder subscriber? If so, how has PartFinder helped your business? If you’d like to share your experience, we’d love to hear it! A review in the BigCommerce Apps Marketplace would help get the word out and be greatly appreciated. Thank you supporting PartFinder! 

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