PartFinder: New BigCommerce App Features Targeted Search

PartFinder: New BigCommerce App Features Targeted Search

Find the Right Product Fast

Sometimes a standard search bar just isn’t enough. Does your BigCommerce store sell hundreds (or thousands) of parts that have exact specifications or fitments (like a filter for a particular refridgerator, or a car battery for a specific year/make/model)? If so, then you need more sophisticated search criteria to help your customer find what they’re looking for. A single-field search may provide an initial filter but would ultimately lead to further searches, more clicks, and more mistakes, increasing user frustration and bounce rate.


Introducing PartFinder for BigCommerce Stores

PartFinder, our new app for BigCommerce, helps customers find the right product via a series of choices, reducing frustration and improving user experience.

  • Boosts sales by helping customers find exactly what they’re looking for — fast
  • Eases your customer support efforts, which saves you time and money
  • Reduces product returns


What Kinds of Stores Could Use PartFinder?

Here are a few usage ideas for our PartFinder app. Does your BigCommerce store sell any products like the following?

Get creative! You could even use PartFinder to help someone find the perfect gift by age/occasion/gender. The possibilities are endless.


Super Cool Features

  • Includes easy design editor; no coding experience necessary
  • Handles hundreds of thousands of records quickly
  • Predicts search criteria with autofill text feature
  • Includes mobile responsive design for great customer experience


Quick & Easy Setup

Using Partfinder’s step-by-step setup makes offering your customers a customized product search experience a cinch — with no coding! There are four components to getting PartFinder up and running:

  • Creating your search fields
  • Adding your part mappings
  • Designing your widget with our helpful design tool
  • Adding the PartFinder search widget to your BigCommerce store


7 Day Free Trial!

You’ll find that your investment in PartFinder is easily offset by increased conversions, reduced product returns, and happy customers. There’s no credit card required for our 7-day free trial, so give PartFinder a spin today! 

For more information, visit, or find us in BigCommerce Marketplace.

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