Month: May 2016

New Resource: Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics for BigCommerce Stores

Imagine sailing across the ocean without any instruments, a GPS, or even a star chart. You might know where you want to wind up but have no idea if you are track for getting there or whether you are making progress at all. Probably not the best idea.

Yet every single day, thousands of ecommerce store owners are navigating their online business blindly, since they do not have Google Analytics properly set up or are not using the invaluable data at their fingertips. They are effectively navigating without using their instrument panels. Critical to managing your BigCommerce store is understanding what is happening, how users are engaging, where traffic is coming from, and what is and isn’t working.

We know that this isn’t easy to do. That is why we are excited to announce our newest resource: the Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics for BigCommerce Stores.

This guide will walk you through setup, integration, goal/conversion tracking, advanced configuration, and frequently asked questions.

We hope this helps you along the way and proves to be a great resource for BigCommerce store managers.